Sunday, November 8, 2015

Owner or Groomer?

Are you a pet owner or a pet groomer? Either way, you've landed on a blog designed to be both amusing and informative for owners and groomers alike. After all, as groomers we want to better the pet grooming industry, if this means that I am teaching the groomer down the road my secrets to be better competition, as well as teaching my clients to groom their pets so that they no longer need my services, then I am bettering the life of the fur babies and, therefore, I WIN.

I'll say it again,

                                I WIN!!!

No offense, but I'm not in the game for You! I'm not in the game for Me... Well, making a living doing what I love is an absolute bonus, but I digress...

                    I'm in it for the pets.... 'nuff said.

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