Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Importance of Puppy Grooming

             .....their cuteness is their savior in the early stages of life. Let's be real, puppies are little terrors. They chew on things they shouldn't, they whine and cry when they should be quiet, and they pee and poo on the floor instead of outside where they should: the beginning stages of life with a puppy can be a burden, and often times the only reason they do not find themselves in a new home is because they are just so darn cute!
                                                      ...My advice:
                                                          .....puppy training!!!
If you are unsure of how to properly train your puppy reach out to your local animal shelter, pet store, or grooming salon; they will be able to point you in the direction of knowledgeable and reputable trainers who can help make living with a puppy much more enjoyable.

In addition to obedience training, grooming training is also very important. The grooming process is a vital component in the care of your new puppy. Although not all dogs require haircuts, they do need their nails, and often anal glands, maintained, and just as the veterinary clinic can be a scary place for dogs, so can the grooming salon if a dog is not introduced early.

Puppies should be introduced to their groomer at an early age so that he or she can become familiar and comfortable with the process. Remember, the groomer's tools are sharp and potentially dangerous, therefore it is important that dogs learn how to be groomed to reduce any chances of injury.

 What is the difference between a dog who gets groomed every 2 months
 and a dog who gets groomed every 6 months?
The dog who gets groomed every 6 months thinks it is being tortured
and the dog who gets groomed every 2 months thinks grooming is a part of life.

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