Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Importance of Nail Trims

Clickety, clickety, clickety, click...
Is Fluffy tap-dancing across the kitchen floor?
...or is Rufus hobbling around like his whole body aches with arthritis?

Have you ever worn shoes that were too small?
or better..
Have your toe nails ever been so long that they hit the end of your shoes?


Now, take a look at your pup's toes...

Truth: this HURTS

Often we (groomers) hear "I'm just afraid of making [her] bleed"
"the last groomer quicked her[him]"
"[she] hates getting her nails trimmed, [she] is so afraid."

In the end, those are just excuses...

Truth: dogs frequently get "quicked" during a nail trim and
very often it is so slight that the dog does not notice. A prepared groomer
will always have styptic powder near for such case; although we try our very best for this not to happen.

Truth: a dog will heal quickly from a quicked nail,
but hobbling on long toe nails can have negative long-term physical affects.

...and please don't ever worry that dropping into the grooming salon for a quick nail trim is an inconvenience for the groomers and bathers. We are glad to offer that service and happy to help.

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